Street foods that are actually safe and healthy to eat –

Street foods that are actually safe and healthy to eat

Street food is so delicious that the mere mention of the words ‘street’ and ‘food’ together can make mouths water. The only drawback of street food is that it falls under the category of what most deem as junk food. It is true that a large part of what constitutes street food is devoid of nutrition and any significant health benefits,

but there are some dishes that may not necessarily fall into the list of foods one must avoid. There are street foods, but they do contain nutrition and may have some health benefits. Here is a list of Indian street foods that are actually safe and healthy to eat.

Hailing from Mumbai Nagariya, contrary to popular belief, bhel puri is actually not bad for health at all. It is made of puffed rice (murmura), which is not only a light snack, but it’s also a good source of fibre, protein, and much needed complex carbs. Added to it are chopped veggies like tomato, onion, coriander, and potato, all of which are nutritious. Topped with lemon and green chutney, there is absolutely no unhealthy ingredient included in this street food.

Staples in South India, both idli and dosa have made their way to the Northern part of India as street foods. Both are made with rice and urad dal, which provides you with protein, wholesomeness, and long lasting energy.

Idli is steamed, so there is no added ingredient, and although dosa is prepared with oil, the quantity is minimal, and they’re so thin that you anyway end up consuming only a little oil. They are both accompanied with sambar and/or coconut chutney, both of which are also healthy and nutritious ingredients.

Potatoes are always wrongfully accused of being unhealthy and leading to weight gain. This is completely false, for potatoes, be it the regular ones or sweet potatoes, are good for health. Sweet potatoes are loaded with a number of nutrients like vitamins A, B, and C, and minerals like manganese, potassium, and iron, along with a good amount of fiber. Topped with lemon and chaat masala, there is nothing wrong with having sweet potato, even on a regular basis.

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